Ontarget airsoft is a wholesale airsoft guns distributor and supplier based in Marietta, Georgia. We are a veteran owned and operated company and we proudly offer wholesale airsoft gun products from the following manufacturers

Available Wholesale Airsoft Product Lines

  • SRC Gen III Airsoft Guns and Replacement Parts and Accessories
  • Echo1 Airsoft Guns
  • KWA Airsoft Guns and Accessories
  • Lonex Flash Magazine
  • S-Thunder Landmines, Grenades and M203 Launchers
  • Hakkotsu Iron Face Lowers, X-Eye Goggles and Thunder B Grenades
  • Umarex Airsoft Elite Airsoft Guns and Accessories
  • Golden Ball BB’s
  • Tenergy LiPO/NiMH Battery Packs and Smart Chargers
  • Global Vision Eye Wear
  • Bestek Green Gas
  • Take AIM Airsoft Magazine

Why Buy From Ontarget Airsoft

There are many reasons why we feel we are the best airsoft wholesale supplier on the market. Here is what we feel makes us stand out from the rest of the wholesale airsoft gun crowd!

We will Not Undercut You- Many wholesale airsoft gun distributors will often sell items on their retail sites much lower then their retail customers can. At Ontarget airsoft that will not be an issue for you. We have MAP pricing in place and enforce it on ourselves and all of our retailers, that means that when you buy wholesale airsoft gear from Ontarget Airsoft you are on an equal playing field with us!

We are Based In North America- Many state side retailers often have to deal with over seas companies in order to buy wholesale airsoft guns and supplies. But when you buy from Ontarget Airsoft you will be dealing with a company in America who understands what you want and what you need!

We Have An Easy Approval Process- Unlike many other airsoft gun wholesale suppliers we only require you to fill out our wholesale application and email it back to use with a copy of your business license. There are no hoops to jump through and other difficulties. We want you as our customer and will make it easy for you to do so!

Our Shipping Is Fast and Affordable- We pride ourselves on our low shipping rates compared to other wholesalers in the industry. To keep ourĀ  shipping low we put the smallest mark up on the shipping cost to cover the box cost only. We do not mark up our wholesale Fed Ex rates unnecessarily just to make additional profits from our retail stores. Additionally most orders will ship out within 24 hours of being placed and we will tell you if an item is in stock or not with no tricks.

You Will Make Money With Us- When you buy your wholesale airsoft guns from On Target Airsoft you can rest assured that we have structured our pricing to give our retailers a comfortable profit margin and the ability to make a good profit.

We would be happy to talk with you about all of your airsoft gun and gear needs.

To Learn More Call 1-414-943-7527 or email wholesale@ontargetairsoft.com